Vusi Nova on theft of hit song allegation – ‘I haven’t stolen any song’


As’phelelanga hit maker, Vusi Nova claims he did not steal anybody’s song, following the claim from music lovers that he stole the song.

The song which was included in his latest album Manyan-nyan has being a general anthem dedicated to all fallen music icons.

During an interview with the Drum, he cleared the air about stealing the song. With all explanation said, he concluded that he hasn’t stolen anyone’s song.

These were some of the things he said to justify himself;

“So first of all I haven’t stolen any song and I’ll tell you why I haven’t stolen any song because As’phelelang doesn’t belong to anyone, its public domain,” he said.

“So if you go to SAMRO you’ll see. I did my research even before I recorded the song – I mean this is a song I grew up listening to, it’s a song I grew up singing.”

The singer further explained: “So with Chippa United for example they say, they went to register the song – it’s a big lie. We did research its public domain so how did they all of a sudden register a public domain song as composers, as if the song is theirs… it doesn’t make sense.”

On his Instagram account, he also buttressed that he never stole anybody song.

Vusi Nova stole our song!! The song AS’PHELELANGA, a song I have known since I was a child is now being claimed to have been written by a Maskandi artist, a soccer team, a boxer and Lord knows who else. What for me was a celebratory song to remember fallen musicians over the years has sadly brought out the worst in human behaviour. I stand by my version of AS’PHELELANGA to Honour our musicians. Long live the memory of our musicians that have lifted our spirits in our time of need.”