Read: Gigi Lamanye’s apologetic and appreciation note after recovery


Gigi Lamanye revealed she is back home and she’s grateful to fans, family, friends and other colleagues in the industry who stood by her and encouraged her while hospitalized.

Recently, there was an outburst of anger, pity and a whole lot of mixed reaction on social media when it appeared that Gigi was hospitalized due to depression as she almost took her life.

The rapper’s mom, Sarah Manney, also said to Daily Sun that “The whole thing came as a shock and I have no choice than to be strong.” “Home safe.

Thank you to every single one of my friends, industry mates and supporters. I’m sorry to you all. Clearly I’m alive to tell my best story yet. I LOVE YOU for loving me at this time of weakness. You made me strong. Now I work on myself. Now I love myself.”

Said Gigi, on a post shared after being discharged from the hospital.